Welcome to our page. We are a UK based design studio + blog.  We live + breath all things design; namely, Interior Design + Styling. We also work on Brand Identity + Logo Design



One of the oldest Nordic loving blogs out there in the blogosphere. Lovenordic design blog shares beautiful spaces, thoughts on balancing every day life as a designer and mamma, travel tips, design inspiration and events with it's loyal subscribers and readers. Go on. Take a coffee, relax and put us on your reading list.



I live and breath design. My inspiration comes from a love of nature and natural materials. It is my hope that my work reflects this. I do not believe in accumulating items that are not beautiful or necessary . I like to use materials that have integrity and work harmoniously with my projects. I am always conscious of my carbon footprint and work hard to ensure that my creations are well considered and as earth friendly as possible.

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Curious about my design work?  Peek into my studio + see me working through the creative process. Also coffee time in the studio, motherhood, enjoying life, beach days, family time after work - it’s all there :)